Are you planning on dining in Kasnäs with a bigger group? Or is there an anniversary coming up that you would like to celebrate? Reservations can be made to the restaurant telephone +358 2 52 10 115. 
If you are interested in booking other facilities as well, our sales team is happy to help you plan and arrange the perfect event in Kasnäs, telephone +358 2 52 10 111 or myynti(at)

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Menu for groups

Parties of at least 10 persons can choose a dinner from our group menu.

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Buffet for groups

We serve lunch and dinner buffets for groups, minimum 20 persons.

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Sauna menu

When booking our beach sauna, you can also order food from our sauna menu. Order a dinner prepared by our kitchen or make your own barbecue.

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Menu coming soon.

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Children´s party

Throw a birthday party for your child in Kasnäs: Bathing, pizza buffet, lemonade and ice cream. Price starting from 14 € / child. Children’s parties can be arranged Monday - Thursday. 
Only available in offseason 1.1-30.4 & 1.9-30.12